DeCus recently held an Internal AMA in our official Telegram group giving our community members the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions. It was inspiring to see the community’s passion to learn about all things DeCus.

Here are the complete questions and answers from the AMA:

Guest: Iris, the…


  • DeCus launches on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet in Beta version with an early-bird campaign.
  • Anyone who is interested can participate in the early-bird campaign, in which you need to test the system and submit your feedback comments.
  • You can test with any of the following roles:1) Keeper 2) User…



Ideal Bitcoin-pegged tokens should have native Bitcoin as collateral for minting users, be issued in a decentralized form, have sufficiently high capital utilization and minting caps, and have sufficiently low liquidation risk.

Going from a niche product to mainstream adoption, Bitcoin has surpassed Internet giants like Facebook in…



The biggest innovation of DeCus is the use of overlapping grouping algorithms, which can make the custodians’ collateral less than the assets under custody.

DeFi is an eternal hot spot in the cryptocurrency market.

Since its emergence, DeFi has created multiple waves in the cryptocurrency market.




Split Bitcoin tokens launch on Ethereum may be easy to use.

The revelry of cryptocurrencies in the latest bull market reached its peak in May. At the time, the most attention-grabbing tokens were several meme currencies, which grew massively as countless new users poured in. Apart from the…

DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.

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