Be A Keeper and Get Your Rewards!
3 min readOct 21, 2021

The BETA version of the DeCus system has run securely and stably on the Binance Smart Chain for over 30 days, and the first batch of Keepers has enjoyed 300%+ APYs (an estimated number). With SATS, the BTC-pegged token minted by our system, being listed on CoinMarketCarp and CoinGecko, we attract another wave of market awareness, so we decide to kick off a new round of Keeper recruitment to make it possible for more users to experience our platform.

YES! The new round of Keeper recruitment is open! We want you!

Who are the Keepers?

If you are quite familiar with our system, you can skip this part.

Keepers fulfill the key role of the DeCus system and are responsible for the custody of users’ native bitcoins. Keepers will be rewarded for their work and get punished for their misbehaviors.

Why more Keepers are needed?

DeCus is a decentralized custody system through which users can deposit their native bitcoins and mint BTC-pegged tokens, i.e SATS. The minting capacity of the system is related to the number of Keepers, which means the more Keepers the system has, the more SATS the system can mint. In order to let a larger scope of users give our system a try, mint SATS, and use SATS, another batch of Keepers is needed.

How can Keepers benefit from the system?

Attractive APYs, absolutely. As the most significant role of the DeCus system, Keepers get DCS, the governance token of the DeCus system, as rewards.

What do you need to become a Keeper?

  1. A bitcoin wallet

A new BTC address is recommended. Please don’t send any assets to this address.

2. Stake 0.1 BTCB for 6 months

3. A new wallet that supports the BSC mainnet (Metamask is recommended) and BNB to cover the gas fees.

4. A cloud server with 1CPU core and 2GB RAM (or your own server, if you have one.)

How to participate in the Keeper recruitment?

  1. Follow our Twitter
  2. Join in our Discord
  3. Invite at least two friends to our Discord
  4. Fill in the Google Form to confirm your participation

If you are successfully selected, we’ll contact you for further communication through the contact details you submit, so please make sure they are accessible.

Any questions, please join our telegram group or discord and ask the admins for help.

Risk Disclaimer

Our project is still in the mainnet Beta version. The security audit is still in progress, and the system has not gone through any penetration test yet. The 0.1 BTCB you deposit to the DeCus system will be staked for 6 months and cannot be withdrawn during this period. Although we have established several risk prevention mechanisms to safeguard all assets, participating in our system in this early stage should be considered high risk, please assess the potential uncertainties carefully.

About DeCus

DeCus is a decentralized bridge that can build cross-chain assets in a secure and more efficient way. As a first step, DeCus is launching SATS, a BEP20 token pegged to 1 Satoshi, to bring the liquidity of Bitcoin to multiple DeFi protocols and make Bitcoin easier to access and use. DeCus will continue to introduce more assets, like DOGE, LTC, etc. to more blockchain networks, like Solana, Conflux, and Polygon.

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DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.