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The Right Answer of Each Question

1. Is DeCus a decentralized system?

2. Which two words does DeCus stand for?

3. What is the official website of DeCus?

4. DeCus is a trustworthy bridge that can build cross-chain assets, and the first step of DeCus is to make Bitcoin cross-chain. What are such cross-chain Bitcoins minted by DeCus called?

5. The user who wants to get the cross-chain bitcoin needs to deposit native bitcoin first. In the DeCus system, what do we call the role that provides custody for the native bitcoin?

6. To prevent custodians from taking users’ assets away, the role in the DeCus system that provides custody for the native bitcoin also needs to pledge assets. How much assets need to be pledged?

7. How does the “custodian role” work for the DeCus system?

8. Can the “custodian role” join and leave the system at will?

9. How many rounds of community testing have been held?

10. DeCus will kick off an airdrop event at the bootstrap stage of our project. Who is eligible to be airdropped?

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DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.