DeCus has successfully concluded the second round of community testing!
2 min readAug 5, 2021

DeCus has successfully concluded the second round of community testing of the BTC-pegged SATS, and we believe that SATS will be the best choice to bring BTC into the DeFi world.

Traditional BTC-type crypto assets are the cornerstone of this industry, but they lack a fast track with the spirit of DeFi. Just as the Lightning Network has become the preferred fast channel for BTC transactions, the BTC-pegged SATS from DeCus will become the best decentralized choice for BTC to enter the DeFi world.

During the second round of testing, SATS broke the traditional BTC-pegged tokens’ centralization issue and low digestion shackles in terms of decentralization, speed, and convenience. This test used the Binance Smart Chain for minting and redeeming operations, and simultaneously completed the BSC compatibility test, which brings unlimited possibilities for the subsequent SATS cross-chain technology.

In the process of over 300 complete minting and redeeming cycles, using a decentralized and self-regulated Custodian Network ensuring safety without requiring KYC, the average time required for one user’s operation was less than 3 minutes, not considering the time for transmission on the blockchain.

DeCus has achieved a speed level of centralized networks in a decentralized service. The next round of mainnet testing will be announced soon. Follow DeCus and let’s begin the fastest BTC integration into DeFi!

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