DeCus Mainnet Beta Launch! Give it a try!
5 min readSep 6, 2021


  • DeCus launches on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet in Beta version with an early-bird campaign.
  • Anyone who is interested can participate in the early-bird campaign, in which you need to test the system and submit your feedback comments.
  • You can test with any of the following roles:1) Keeper 2) User. Keepers need to stake 0.1 BTCB for 6 months.

*BTCB is a BEP20 asset wrapped on Binance Smart Chain with a 1:1 ratio to BTC locked on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • If you want to participate as a user, you’ll need at least 0.1 BTC and some BNB as gas fee. The trial testing for users will be open after the time when the Keepers system have been successfully set up. The specific time will be announced on our Twitter. Please stay tuned!

After four rounds of community testing, DeCus, a decentralized and high-performance custody system that can build cross-chain assets, finally launches in Beta version on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet. We are excited to invite you to test it and participate in an early-bird campaign.

Compared to other current solutions such as WBTC, renBTC, and tBTC, DeCus mainly outperforms in two aspects: decentralization and scalability.

Decentralization means that DeCus builds cross-chain assets with a decentralized network made up of Keepers who are permission-less to join or leave the network at will and are randomly selected to undertake the custody work instead of using one single institution to accomplish the process.

Scalability means high minting capacity and high capital utilization since DeCus can ensure the security of the custodian network with no over-collateralization provided by the Keepers.

If you are not familiar with DeCus or just want to learn more about DeCus, please visit:

The rationale behind the campaign is to attract Keepers to become early adopters of the DeCus platform by offering exclusive rewards to invitees, and to encourage users to experience the minting and redeeming processes of the BTC-pegged token built by our system. Besides, once the system is successfully launched, this Beta version can be used as a demo, so that other DeFi projects, like lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, yield farming aggregators, and derivative protocols can experience directly how the DeCus system works, and build confidence to integrate with our protocol.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to join the testing. We can’t wait to hear your ideas for how we can make DeCus better.

Activity Period

The trial testing for Keepers will start at 23:59, September 6 (UTC).

The testing for users will be open after the time when the Keepers system have been successfully set up. The specific time will be announced on our Twitter.

The closing time and any updates about the testing will be also announced on our Twitter.

How to participate?

This testing is open to all who are interested. You can test with any of the following roles:


Keepers, being the key roles of DeCus system, are responsible for the custody of users’ native bitcoins. Keepers will be rewarded for their work and get punished for their misbehaviors.

Step 1: Running a Keeper Node and complete the custody work

Step 2: Share 1–3 feedback comments about DeCus on Discord 👇

You’ll need:

1. A bitcoin wallet

A new BTC address is recommended. Please don’t send any asset to this address.

2. Stake 0.1 BTCB for 6 months

3. A wallet that supports BSC mainnet (Metamask is recommended) and BNB to cover the gas fees.

4. A cloud server with 1CPU core and 2GB RAM (or your own server, if you have one.)

The whole process is a little more advanced. Please bookmark the following introductions as references.

You’ll get:

Keepers who are able to set up a Keeper Node, and maintain online to complete their custody work (i.e sign the transactions), and are willing to stake 0.1 BTCB for 6 months will get DCS as rewards.


Users refer to those who want to mint BTC-pegged tokens with their native Bitcoins.

*The testing for user is not open yet. Please be noticed.

Step 1: Complete at least one Minting & Redeeming circle 👇

Step 2: Share 1–3 feedback comments about DeCus on Discord 👇

You’ll need:

1. A Bitcoin wallet and at least 0.1 BTC

2. An wallet that supports BSC mainnet (Metamask is recommended) and BNB to cover the gas fees.

For detailed guides, please check:


1. How long does the testing take?

About 10 minutes for the User process, depending on the transaction speed of the Bitcoin network. Actually, the minting and redeeming processes are quite simple. There are not many steps. The majority of the time it takes is waiting for the confirmation of blockchain transactions.

If you choose to run a Keeper Node, it will take a little longer, about 45 minutes depending on your experience using with linux servers.

2. What can the tokens I receive in the testing be used for?

Keepers get Ctokens once they successfully stake their BTCB. Staking Ctoken can earn DCS as rewards.

*Ctoken is deposit proof. Once Keepers successfully deposit collaterals to DeCus system, they’ll get Ctokens.

3. Is it necessary to participate in both minting and redeeming?

We’d love to hear your ideas about the whole process, so it would be better to participate in both.

4. Why do I fail to connect to my wallet?

This testing is launched on the BSC mainnet. Please make sure you switch to the right network. The right settings should be:

Name: Binance Smart Chain Mainnet


Chain ID: 56

5. What can I do if the minted SATS are not displayed in my wallet?

Open your MetaMask, click “Add token”, copy the contract address and paste it to the input box.

Contract address of SATS:


6. Why does DeCus fix the amount of BTC (0.1 BTC) that users can deposit to the system each time?

Although our project launches on the BSC mainnet, it’s still in the Beta version, so setting a fixed and small amount of BTC deposit can not only make the system more accessible to those who want to give it a try but also simplify the operation to some extent.

For more questions, please join our telegram group or discord and ask the admins for help.

About DeCus

DeCus is a decentralized bridge that can build cross-chain assets in a secure and more efficient way. As a first step, DeCus is launching SATS, an ERC20 token pegged to 1 Satoshi, to bring the liquidity of Bitcoin to multiple DeFi protocols and make Bitcoin easier to access and use. DeCus will continue to introduce more assets, like DOGE, LTC, etc. to more blockchain networks, like BSC, Conflux, and Polygon.

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DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.