Guidance: How to Participate in Keeper Auction Test?
5 min readMar 22, 2021

Keepers, the core role of DeCus system, will be selected by Dutch auction at the early stage of this project. To find out more about why DeCus kick off a Keeper Auction, please check 👉

In order to offer a better auction experience, several rounds of test auctions will be held on Ethereum test network before main net auction. Here is the guidance for participating in the test auction.

Step 1: Install MetaMask

If you have already installed MetaMask and created account, please directly skip to step 2

1.Visit 👉 and click 【Download】on the upper right corner.

2.Click【Install MetaMask for Chrome】at the bottom to turn to Chrome Web Store.

3.Click【Add to Chrome】on the upper right corner and then click 【Add extension】on the pop-up box.

4.Click 【Get Started】.

5.Click 【Import wallet】to import your existing wallet using a 12 word seed phrase, or click 【Create a Wallet】to create a new Ethereum wallet. (We choose to create wallet here.)

6.Read the message and click 【I Agree】.

7.Create password, confirm and then click 【Create】.

8.Click【CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS】to backup seed phrase, and then click 【Next】.

9.Choose the phrases in right order to make sure they have been correctly backed up, and then click 【Confirm】.

*Once again, the above backup phrase is ONLY FOR TEST.

10.Congratulations! Ethereum wallet has been successfully created. Your wallet address and the balance will show on the top of the page.

Step 2: Claim test ETH

1.Click the drop down arrow to switch 「Ethereum Mainnet」to 「 Ropsten Test Network」.

*You can directly copy your address by clicking it.

2.Visit 👉, enter your address and click 【Send me test Ether】.

3.The balance of test Ether will change. You can check it in your wallet.

*Please make sure the network has be switched to Ropsten otherwise the balance will not show.

Step 3: Claim test WBTC

To claim WBTC, you need to use test ETH to pay the gas fee, so step 2 can not be skipped.

1.Visit 👉, and click 【Connect to a wallet】on the upper right corner

2.Once connected, your ETH address will show on the upper right corner.

3.Click【Claim】, and confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

4.Once finished, the balance of WBTC will change.

*If your WBTC tokens don’t show in your wallet, please follow this guidance:

1)Open your wallet and click 【Add Token】.

2)Switch to 「Custom Token」, enter 「Token Contract Address」and click 【Next】.

3)Click 【Add Tokens】, then you can check your WBTC tokens in your wallet.

*Contract address of WBTC for the 2nd round test is 0x60F8E39c31a52EE0006F5eC493C4ceB1c79D8e20

Step 4: Start to auction

1.Visit 👉 , input the amount of WBTC you want to approve and click 【Approve】

2.Confirm transaction on MetaMask

3.Once complete, input the amount of WBTC you want to deposit and click 【Deposit】

*The amount of deposit should be less than the amount of approved tokens.

4. Confirm the information on pop-up box and click【Confirm】

5.Confirm transaction on MetaMask

6.Once complete, you can check your current rank, deposit amount, and withdrawable amount in the 「Profile」section.

7. If you want to cancel your deposit, you can click 【History】, choose the deposit order and then click 【Withdraw】.

8.You can check the transaction history by clicking the address on the upper right corner.

9.List of top 1000 candidates will be shown at the bottom of the page.

Any questions, please join us at our telegram group:



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