Mint eBTC on Testnet and Get Rewards!

DeCus is a high capital efficiency cross-chain custody system which enables crypto assets flow across different blockchains in a fully decentralized way.

eBTC is a BTC-pegged token on Ethereum network. Any bitcoin holder can deposit their BTC and mint eBTC, and then use eBTC to earn juicy APYs on multiple DeFi protocols. No identity or document verification is necessary. No middlemen or intermediaries are in the process.

As the first application of DeCus, eBTC is now open for trial testing. We are thrilled to invite you to test it, and hear your ideas for how we can make eBTC better.

⏰Test timeline

* The test will end when a random quota of eBTC is successfully minted. Please take the time to participate.


  • Join our official Telegram Group .
  • Complete the minting and redeeming of eBTC on Ropsten Test Network.
  • Fill in the Google Form and share 1-3 feedback comments about the whole process.

*You can also participate in the Keeper Node running test to earn a bonus. For detailed information, please keep up with us on Twitter.


*Anyone who participates in the eBTC minting test should fill in the google form given above otherwise he/she will not be eligible to get the rewards.


💌Contact Us:

DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.