Smaller Unit, Smarter Bitcoin! Mint SATS and win $1,000 in BTC
3 min readJul 25, 2021


We are thrilled to announce that the second round of Minting & Redeeming test is now live!

After receiving countless feedback forms and suggestions to improve in the last round of trial testing, we are launching a brand new page with an updated UI and optimized experience this time. Can’t wait to hear your ideas about all the new features!

Mint Now:

From eBTC to SATS

The token minted by DeCus system is swapped from ‘eBTC’ to ‘SATS’. SATS is the abbreviation for Satoshi, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. 100 million SATS are equivalent to 1 eBTC.

SATS keeps all the competitive advantages of eBTC, namely decentralization and high performance, while becoming easier to access and use.

To learn more about SATS, please check this report from PANews:

How to participate?

This test ( is open to all who are interested. The whole process is quite simple and straightforward. Just deposit testnet BTC to the assigned address to mint SATS.

You’ll need: (1) a Bitcoin wallet that supports testnet, (2)testnet Bitcoins, (3)an Ethereum wallet connected with the Binance Smart Chain Testnet(Metamask is recommended), and (4)testnet BNB.

Please go to these two Getting Started Guides for details.

Guide 1:

How to Get a Bitcoin Testnet Wallet and Claim Test Coins?

Guide 2:

How to get started with MetaMask, add a custom network, and claim test coins?


To win a share of $1,000 in BTC, participants need to:

  • Follow DeCus on our Twitter, retweet, and tag three friends.
  • Join our telegram group.
  • Successfully complete the minting and redeeming process.
  • Submit your suggestions and comments about the whole process through the following Google Form.

20 lucky winners will be selected and share the prize. Besides, all the ETH addresses used in this test will be recorded. Those who are qualified can be rewarded with real DCS airdrop after we launch on the mainnet.


1.What is the cost to participate in this test?

Nothing, just your time. This test is carried on the testnet, so you don’t have to use any real assets.

2.How long does the test take?

About 30 minutes for the User process, depending on the transaction speed of test BTC. Actually, the minting and redeeming process are quite simple. There are not many steps for you. The majority of the time it takes is waiting for the confirmation of blockchain transactions.

3.What can the tokens I receive in the test be used for?

All the tokens in this test are launched on Binance Smart Chain Testnet. They are only valid during this trial testing.

4.Is it necessary to participate in both minting and redeeming?

If you want to grab the rewards, the answer is Yes. While if you just want to give it a try, you can just participate in the minting process.

5.Why do I fail to connect my wallet?

This test is launched on Binance Smart Chain Testnet. Please make sure you switch to the right network.

6.What can I do if the minted SATS and rewarded DCS are not displayed in my wallet?

Open your MetaMask, click “Add token”, copy the contract address and paste it to the input box.

Contract address of SATS: 0x9E0fb6CDaD12ce972c1fD344945feD236E9a02B0

Contract address of DCS:


For more questions, please join our telegram group and ask the admins for help.

About DeCus

DeCus is a decentralized bridge that can build cross-chain assets in a secure and more efficient way. As a first step, DeCus is launching SATS, an ERC20 token pegged to 1 Satoshi, to bring the liquidity of Bitcoin to multiple DeFi protocols and make Bitcoin easier to access and use. DeCus will continue to introduce more assets, like DOGE, LTC, etc. to more blockchain networks, like BSC, Conflux, and Polygon.

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DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.