Step 1: Preparations

1.Get the key pair of a Bitcoin address

DeCus is a high capital efficiency cross-chain custody system which enables crypto assets flow across different blockchains in a fully decentralized way.

eBTC is a BTC-pegged token on Ethereum network. Any bitcoin holder can deposit their BTC and mint eBTC, and then use eBTC to earn juicy APYs on multiple DeFi protocols. No identity or document verification is necessary. No middlemen or intermediaries are in the process.

As the first application of DeCus, eBTC is now open for trial testing. We are thrilled to invite you to test it, and hear your ideas for how we can make eBTC better.

⏰Test timeline

Get a bitcoin testnet wallet

1.Visit , click 【Download】and complete the installation

MEME culture represents the spirit of blockchain, and is a fun way to connect with the community. So, we will be holding a MEME contest for our community. It’s time to get creative, get artistic and get $500 in $DOGE!

Event Period

⏰ 2021.05.12 14:00 — 2021.05.19 14:00 (UTC+8)


🐶 Follow DeCus on our

🐱 Join our official

🐭 Like this , reply with the MEME you create for DeCus and add the hashtag #DeCus #MEME

🦊Tag 3 friends in your Tweet

Make your MEME flamboyant, exotic and memorable!


📸Best Creative Prize: $100 for each(2 winners)

We want you…

Veteran investors like Warren Buffet have generally frowned upon Bitcoin because of its inability to generate positive cash flow. In one sense, this is true because Bitcoin holders are unable to directly access most DeFi platforms and, therefore, are unable to participate in liquidity mining. So, despite Bitcoins leading position in terms of market capitalization and deep liquidity, the inability to port this market value into the various financial applications available will surely limit the growth of DeFi, overall.

Wrapped-Bitcoins, which are a linked cross-chain asset, solves this problem by allowing the value of Bitcoin to be ported to other…

We joined an AMA with tehMoonwalkeR to discuss the mechanisms, innovations and upcoming plans for DeCus and eBTC on 9th April. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Blaze | tehMoonwalkeR: Welcome Blake and Sunny. Stoked to have you top gents in here today. Looking forward to what you have to share with us. Please introduce yourselves, tell us about your backgrounds, your roles in DeCus and more about the team helping you build out this vision? We are part of the international marketing team of DeCus, which is…

The 7-day Keeper Auction test ended at 12:00 noon on April 25th. Thanks for all the support! According to the event rules, the winners are now announced as follows:

The first-place goes to 「0x62172b838724a9ad965f278f1d2438bb2ab20ea2」 and 「0xa422f988500f7ef8d8e7e4b105576cd94cc5000d」. These two addresses will be rewarded $300 each. The reason why both addresses are eligible to win is that their deposit amount is the highest and they also made their first deposits very close. So we decide to add a first-place award slot.

The second-place goes to 0x1a8d3150fac4826443c7e74ba29d46c156814af3 and this address will be rewarded $150.

The third-place goes to 0xb25c1118de14aa7df1e6e58eb8b62c3887570454 and this address will…

We’re sorry to inform you that the DeCus IDO on New Ventures is canceled in order to avoid legal risks as much as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Technical and marketing work will not be affected in any way and will be carried out as planned. The main network is expected to go live in Q3, and if everything goes well, we’ll launch it in July.

Please continue to support us.

We are pleased to announce that DeCus will be working with New Ventures to launch the DeCus IDO at 9am UTC on April 25, 2021 on the platform.

There will be 4 IDO rounds in total, with the three other rounds to be conducted on DODO, WeStarter and at the same price. Be ready to invest once the gates open!

About DeCus

DeCus is a decentralized cross-chain protocol, which creates tokenized bitcoins that is fully decentralized and uses extremely low collateralization rate, much lower than any of its competitors. Our system allows BTC assets to access the DeFi world more…

Event Period

2021.04.18 12:00 Noon — 2021.04.25 12:00 Noon (UTC+8)


During the event period, users who visit and participate in the auction test will stand a chance to grab $500 and DCS tokens.

How to win?

Step 1: Retweet this , add your ETH address in the retweet and tag three friends.

Step 2: Join our telegram group , start a private chat with @the_decus_bot and send your retweet link. Then your ETH address will be recorded.

Step 3: All the participants will be ranked according to the amount of test WBTC deposited. …

DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.

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