• Anyone who is interested can participate in the early-bird campaign, in which you need to test the system and submit your feedback comments.
  • You can test with any of the following roles:1) Keeper 2) User. Keepers need to stake 0.1 BTCB for 6 months.

*BTCB is a BEP20 asset wrapped on Binance Smart Chain with a 1:1 ratio to BTC locked on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • If you want to participate as a user, you’ll need at least 0.1 BTC and some BNB as gas…


1. 1072 DeCus fans participated in our first quiz campaign from August 21st to August 26th.

2. A total of 321 managed to correctly answer more than 6 questions, from whom 20 participants have been randomly selected as winners.

3. The winner list is posted below, and those selected need to submit their TRX addresses to our Twitter account through a private message to claim their rewards. (The rewards will be distributed in UDST-TRC20.)

We’re thrilled to announce that our first quiz campaign wrapped up on August 26th with over 1000 submissions, which was far beyond our expectations. Although some…



Ideal Bitcoin-pegged tokens should have native Bitcoin as collateral for minting users, be issued in a decentralized form, have sufficiently high capital utilization and minting caps, and have sufficiently low liquidation risk.

Going from a niche product to mainstream adoption, Bitcoin has surpassed Internet giants like Facebook in market capitalization after more than a decade of development. …



The biggest innovation of DeCus is the use of overlapping grouping algorithms, which can make the custodians’ collateral less than the assets under custody.

DeFi is an eternal hot spot in the cryptocurrency market.

Since its emergence, DeFi has created multiple waves in the cryptocurrency market.

The first wave, in the second half of 2019, was when the concept of DeFi was proposed, and the Staking economy exploded. Since then, various imitations of “Staking” have appeared.

The second wave, in June 2020, was when COMP, the lending platform, started the liquidity mining and DeFi became a hot…



How to get higher yields as a bitcoin holder? Deposit rates in centralized platforms, as well as mainstream DeFi protocols, have fallen to 1%, so it’s time to turn to the new BTC-pegged tokens which can provide higher yields to incentivize users to use them.

Over the past decade or so of Bitcoin’s development, while prices have generally moved upward, the process has been tortuous, with many early participants being purged from the market as bulls and bears alternate. For example, between April 14 and May 19 of this year, the price of BTC fell from nearly $65,000…



Split Bitcoin tokens launch on Ethereum may be easy to use.

The revelry of cryptocurrencies in the latest bull market reached its peak in May. At the time, the most attention-grabbing tokens were several meme currencies, which grew massively as countless new users poured in. Apart from the attractive icons and various memes, the key reason for the success of the meme currencies — represented by the “zoo” coins — was their low-seeming prices. The SHIB community created a simple but effective slogan — “Eat zero”. …

DeCus has successfully concluded the second round of community testing of the BTC-pegged SATS, and we believe that SATS will be the best choice to bring BTC into the DeFi world.

Traditional BTC-type crypto assets are the cornerstone of this industry, but they lack a fast track with the spirit of DeFi. Just as the Lightning Network has become the preferred fast channel for BTC transactions, the BTC-pegged SATS from DeCus will become the best decentralized choice for BTC to enter the DeFi world.

During the second round of testing, SATS broke the traditional BTC-pegged tokens’ centralization issue and low…

We are thrilled to announce that the second round of Minting & Redeeming test is now live!

After receiving countless feedback forms and suggestions to improve in the last round of trial testing, we are launching a brand new page with an updated UI and optimized experience this time. Can’t wait to hear your ideas about all the new features!

Mint Now:

From eBTC to SATS

The token minted by DeCus system is swapped from ‘eBTC’ to ‘SATS’. SATS is the abbreviation for Satoshi, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. 100 million SATS are equivalent to 1 eBTC.

SATS keeps all the competitive…

MetaMask is a popular extension supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers. It was developed out of the need for creating more secure and usable Ethereum-based websites. In particular, it handles account management and connecting the user to the blockchain.

Get Started with MetaMask

1.Visit this link 👉 and click “Download” in the upper right corner.

Author:Haibo Jiang


Veteran investors like Warren Buffet have generally frowned upon Bitcoin because of its inability to generate positive cash flow. In one sense, this is true because Bitcoin holders are unable to directly access most DeFi platforms and, therefore, are unable to participate in liquidity mining. So, despite Bitcoins leading position in terms of market capitalization and deep liquidity, the inability to port this market value into the various financial applications available will surely limit the growth of DeFi, overall.

Wrapped-Bitcoins, which are a linked cross-chain asset, solves this problem by allowing the value of Bitcoin to be…

DeCus is a cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem.

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